ATM Services

ATMS are similar to automobiles. They have painted surfaces that are subjected to changing weather conditions such as heat, cold, fading from ultra-violet rays, acid rain, oils, and other foreign matter we won't list. They need periodic attention like your car: washing, buffing, waxing, detailing, oiling, filter change, windows cleaned. No need to bring your ATM in for service. We'll come to you.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual, and Annual.

Any service you choose, Kertech can customize it to fit your needs.

Carousel repair:

  1. We can repair electric, crank-handle and manual turntables in your ATM kiosk.
  2. We can fabricate and install: backlite sign panels, trash, envelope, and marketing panel doors or repair them on site.
  3. Install Braille ,posters, bank Information.
  4. Paint & Install safety Bollards.
  5. Signage, Logo and color change over.

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